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is dedicated to providing practical and comprehensive solutions to complex matters. After decades at Big Law, we created AXS LAW with a view to disrupting the traditional law model to better address the needs of the modern business law consumer.  We do this first and foremost by bringing our own expertise as entrepreneurs.  Our  attorneys are encouraged to pursue entrepreneurship and this, in turn, gives us the perspective and “guts” to help our clients navigate, not avoid, risk. And, unlike most law firms, we have personality.  We are not tethered to our chairs and desks; we are out there continually forging new and strengthening existing relationships in the business and wider community.  You will enjoy working with us!


We Win Cases

We have succeeded in recovering over $350 millions in cash for our clients by crafting the most effective strategy for each specific case.


We have guts

Too many lawyers do what is good for them and not the client. They’re afraid to give you practical advice that considers both the business and legal risks. They simply tell you how to reduce or eliminate the legal risk with little regard to your business interests.


We Love What We Do

Our model is built on the idea that lawyers who waste fewer hours at work earn a higher percentage of what they generate and are happier and more passionate about their work while achieving better results for their clients.


We partner with our clients

That means we’ll often share the risk with you. We find ways to structure our fees based on our success in helping you achieve your business goals. Our goal is to get the best result for you at the least cost to you, not just to rack up hourly fees. Put simply, we deliver superior legal services at significantly lower costs. We always want our interests aligned with our clients.


We have personality

Too many lawyers spend their lives in libraries or behind computer screens, drafting briefs or contracts, detached from the real world. That’s not us. Our lawyers use their free time to enhance their personal and professional lives beyond their desks, which exposes them to experiences and insights, creating positive triple -down effects that benefit our firm, our clients, and the community at large. 

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